Monday, June 22, 2015

Teachers ♥ Summer!

I am linking up with the ladies over at Primarily Speaking to share why I love summer!  

I imagine this is the number one reason for most teachers- NO ALARMS! This also means no bedtime! How great is it to have that freedom? I become a night owl in the summer and love to sleep in. Having no routine or schedule THE best stress reliever. The transition is tough when school comes back around, but it is totally worth it!

I love summer because I have time for leisurely activities! Can you say NETFLIX? What shows are you currently binge watching? Of course I try to get in some reading, too. I don't want to completely fry my brain.

In the summer, my creative juices start flowing! I spend time thinking about how I will rearrange my classroom, decorations for the hallway, revamping lessons and activities. I love having extra time to get crafty, too! I am hoping to get my sewing machine out. It has been in the box in the top of my closet for several years!! I broke it the very first time I tried to use it! ha! THIS is the summer to tackle it! :) 

All of these reasons help me enjoy summer, but the absolute best part to me is all of the extra time with my family. You know, during the school year we all feel pulled in several different directions at once. In the summer, I have time to slow down and really enjoy my family. We have taken our first short trip and hope to get in at least one or two more. But even if we don't go out of town, we enjoy family movie nights and game nights!


Why do YOU love summer?

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  1. Thank you for linking up! I think you are right, the number one reason teachers love summer is because there are no alarm clocks. Or bedtimes for that matter. ;) Have fun with your sewing machine! I'm a crafty girl, but when it comes my sewing machine, I'm a big goof. Haha! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Primarily Speaking