Sunday, June 21, 2015

Makeover Madness Continues!

I am so thankful this challenge motivated me to take a hard look at some of my TPT products. I made over three products this week. The one I am the most proud of is my Super Hero Themed Substitute Folder (Editable.) I made this last year to use with my class. It really was a life-saver for all of my absences! If it was a planned absence, I was able to whip out my Super Sub Tub with folder quickly and then jot down quick plans for my substitute teacher.  If it was an unexpected absence, my colleagues (or SUPER SIDEKICKS) could grab it off of my bookshelf.
Last year when I made it, I was pretty proud of my work and it has been a great seller with great feedback! BUT... I knew I could up the ante! :)

I was excited to use Krista Wallden's Superhero Creative Kit! If you don't follow Creative Clips, you definitely should! She is Ah-mazing! She gives new TPT'ers like me so many freebies to help us get started. I seriously couldn't say enough nice things about her!

So first, I recreated all of my current pages.  I also added a few blank templates so that buyers could create their own pages unique to their needs.

I also consulted some new friends over on the TPT Product & Promotion Group on Facebook. I am new to the group, but have had good results so far. I asked for 3 people to review my product. I had several people volunteer. I choose the first four. Three of the four people reviewed my product and gave some great suggestions!

The first suggestion was to add a couple of options for the Substitute Note.  I know that some of you have to contact your own substitutes. So one of the options has a place for your substitute to mark if he/she would be willing to come to your class again. They can also include the best way to contact them. How great is that!? The second suggestion was to add seating charts. Yes! Why didn't I think of that? My firsties always used to try to trick their poor substitutes about where they sit on the carpet! (stinkers!) These are completely editable and you can create a seating chart to match your own needs. I also added a Transportation Chart, Super Sidekicks (teachers who will help the Sub), and Important Student Information (food allergies, medical needs, etc.).


Well those are just a few of the features of the EDITABLE Super Substitute Folder. This pack grew from 13 slides to 23! I think the new additions really made it more cohesive, customizable, and useful for any teacher. I hope you will check it out! It is on sale all this week!

Thanks for coming along for the ride! 


  1. I like your superhero theme. My son's bedroom is completely done in superheros. :)

  2. Thank you! My classroom is, too. My husband said my classroom looked too girly! I had to step it up and appeal to all the kiddos! (: