Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tech Thursday!

I hope you are having a great summer so far! I have had lots of time for relaxing, creating, and even learning.  

I have really been trying to learn a lot about Project Based Learning this summer. I attended a training recently and learned a lot about student research. I want to share a cool new tool. Thinglink is used to create interactive images to enrich student learning. 

Why I like Thinglink:

1.  As a teacher, I can collect appropriate facts and research options in one central location. Students can explore my Thinglink safely to learn about a given topic. Conversely, students can create their own Thinglink! Consider having students create a Thinglink as a final project. 
Here is a ThingLink I created about Hibernation:

Here is a great one created by another user on the ThingLink website:

3. It is EASY to use and available for free! I am only using the free version right now, but of course upgrades are available. They even have a special rate for educators. 

Thinglink is wide-open. It can be customized to meet any topic you're teaching and at any grade level. Have you tried Thinglink? Have you tried the free or paid version? I would love to hear your experiences with it. 


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